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40 oz w/ Handle Sublimation Color Tumblers

40 oz w/ Handle Sublimation Color Tumblers

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40 oz Sublimation Stainless Steel Double Wall Tumblers with Handle!

These come in 7 Amazing Colors and are Sublimation Ready! Quickly and Easily add a cute design and you have a more finished looking tumbler!

Comes with Lid, Box and Straw

Disclaimer: These are perfect in terms of color, coating, sublimation effect, BUT I did notice during my inspection that SOME (not all) of the openings on the lid where you can sip directly from are slightly off from being perfectly lined up top to bottom when compared to the handle and screwed all the way down.. this mainly would effect those that drink directly from the opening and not through a straw. Because I don’t have time to open and evaluate the lids on every single cup.. I am going to add a disclaimer to these and discount this first batch $2 per cup.. because to me it’s minor and they are still amazing and well most could be perfect, but if their not I want to be transparent and then y’all can’t yell at me! If you would like more information on this or have any concerns feel free to reach out to us via the contact us page! 

Remove Screws and Handle then Sublimate the tumbler in a Press or Oven (In press you are limited to not pressing in the section under the handle since it has tabs where it attaches). Once Cooled Attach the handle with the 2 phillips head screws and you're done!

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