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Ava Jane's Blanks

Ombre 40 oz w/ Handle Sublimation Color Tumblers

Ombre 40 oz w/ Handle Sublimation Color Tumblers

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40 oz Sublimation Stainless Steel Double Wall Tumblers with Handle!

Comes with New Style Lid As well as a plastic straw, Metal straw with bent tip and a straw cleaner!! 

OUR NEW Lid is lower profile, Has a locking portion to drink directly from the cup, and a silicone piece where the straw inserts. With no straw you can hold this cup upside down and it will NOT Leak!!!! With the straw in of course it can drip out of the straw a little. 

Lid can be threaded in two positions for left handed or right handed drinkers. 

Beautiful Ombre Finish comes in 2 color ways and is Sublimation Ready! Quickly and Easily add a cute design and you have a more finished looking tumbler!

Sublimate the tumbler in a Press or Oven (In press you are limited to not pressing in the section under the handle since it has tabs where it attaches) - But if you search out facebook page or tiktok you can see my hack to do this with a Heat gun! Once Cooled Attach the handle with the 2 phillips head screws and you're done!

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