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Ava Jane's Blanks

Saw and Hammer DAD Photo Sublimation Blank

Saw and Hammer DAD Photo Sublimation Blank

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Unisub Sublimation Photo Blank Has DOUBLE SIDED Saw, Single Sided Hammer, and the letters D-A-D Included if you want to add them! 

Recommended 380 Degrees for 60 Seconds! Remove Film on Both sides of Saw Before Pressing. Press One Side, Let Cool, Flip and Press the Other side. Letters are also Double Sided. 

Hammer is Single sided. Saw you can Sublimate Both Sides with an Image or do one side with a photo and back side with a Cute message/Date/etc. 

Hammer Measures - 8.4" x 4.6"

Saw Measures - 6.7" W x 5" H

Letters Measure - 1.2" Tall

Saw will fit perfectly into Hammer holding it up for display. 

If you choose to use the letters just position how you would like and adhere with E6000 or similar glue. 

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