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Ava Jane's Blanks

Sublimation Hat Patches - 10 Pack

Sublimation Hat Patches - 10 Pack

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Ready Made Hat Patches are stitched to stop from fraying further. Include Adhesive sheet for application

400 - 60 seconds 

Sublimation Area 

Rectangle Approx 4 x 2.5"

Oval Appox 3.75 x 2.25"

Circle Approx 2.5"

*I personally do not use the adhesive sheets because its way more difficult if you dont have a hat press to evenly distribute the heat and make good contact. I  just use E6000 or similar permanent adhesive and its super easy. BUT, If you choose to use the sheet you can press it shiny side down on the back of the hat patch at 320 for about 15 seconds, check and if needed repeat. Once it's adhered, peel off the back film and apply to the hat and repeat the process there.

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