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Ava Jane's Blanks

Discount Ombre 40 Oz Packs!

Discount Ombre 40 Oz Packs!

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We had a batch of Ombre that got stuck at port and we think got too hot so the bubble wrapping imprinted on many of them. This can be fixed Very easily and make them perfect again, but we dont have time to do that and since they are not perfect.. We are offering a 6 or 12 pack at a HUGE discount with a full disclosure! It will come with even amounts of each color!

Most of these only have the imprint on one small section where it was pressed against the box and All you have to do to make it go away is either..

1. Wrap it like normal and press it in a tumbler press - and it will go away.

2. Wrap it and bake it in an oven like normal - and it will go away.

3. You can set it in an oven for a couple minutes not wrapped and it will go away.

4. You can go over that area with a heat gun for 15 seconds - boom gone.

5. Last Resort if you Don't have any of those.. a hot hair dryer for just a little longer will do the trick. 

I am posting photos of the bubble marks (you can only see it at a certain angle in the light) and i am also posting a link to a Facebook video Showing you the marks as well as me getting rid of them with a heat gun or you can go to our facebook group and search Ombre and it will come up!...  

There is no Returns or Refunds for Discount Packs

shipping on Discount Packs be delayed 1 business day due to demand. 

All Packs will Ship Via UPS due to their size, even if USPS is selected at checkout

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