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Ava Jane's Blanks

Light Up Acrylic Keychain 5 Pack Sublimation Blank

Light Up Acrylic Keychain 5 Pack Sublimation Blank

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Comes in a pack of 5! Round or Rectangle Light up LED acrylic sublimation keychain!
Batteries included!

Press the button to light up the ornament in multiple solid colors, or fast or slow transitions of various colors!

Pressing recommendations:

Remove Film from both sides DO NOT REVERSE YOUR IMAGE! Put image on the white side and place face up and press at 365 degrees, medium pressure for 60-80 Seconds. Let Cool before moving as it may warp if not, Insert battery and attach cover. insert completed acrylic blank into the light up attachment!

Rectangle Size: Overall Dimensions - 1.8" x 3.5", Rectangle Sub Portion 1.8" x 2.2"

Circle Size" Overall Dimensions 2.2" x 3.5", Circle Sub Portion 2.2" x 2.2"

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