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Ava Jane's Blanks

Music Box MDF Photo Blanks

Music Box MDF Photo Blanks

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Make your own little Music Box that sings "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" When wound up. 

Simply remove film and Press all sides of the Music Box. I recommend Assembling first so you can Ensure you press the correct side/front/etc! Press at 375 for 60 seconds, let cool and then take the bottom/floor of the music box and place the music box on top and used the 3 included screws to screw into place and then Wind on the knob on the bottom! You can then assemble the rest of the music box. Its not necessary to glue the pieces in place but you can if you want to ensure no one can pull it apart. 

Box when assembled measures Approx 2.2" Wide, 2.6" Deep and 1.8" Tall

Wind up and let it play a Christmas Classic! 

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