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Ava Jane's Blanks

Photo Reel Aluminum Sublimation Blank 5 Pack

Photo Reel Aluminum Sublimation Blank 5 Pack

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These awesome Aluminum Photo Plate make a great personalized gift!

These adorable Photo Reel Style Blanks can be customized on Either or Both Sides, and then you can bend the bottom in any position you would like to make free standing. Or you could add magnets.. Hang with string the options are endless. 

Measures Approx 8.75" x 2.75" 

No film to remove. 
Recommended 375 Degrees for 60 Seconds! If there is any paper film left let cool then wipe gently with water to remove. You can line up both sides and sublimate them both at once ensuring tape is not touching either exposed side. 

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